Intro to AgriBusiness

Introduction to Agribusiness provides students with the information and skills necessary for success in agribusiness and in operating entrepreneurial ventures in the agricultural industry.  Topics covered in class may include economic principles, budgeting, risk management, finance, business law, marketing and promotion strategies, insurance, and resource management.  Other possible topics include developing a business plan, employee/employer relations, problem-solving and decision making, commodities, and building leadership skills.  This course will also incorporate a survey of the careers within the agricultural industry.  This course serves as the introductory course into the Agribusiness Pathway.

Classroom instruction will be reinforced by performance based hands-on labs/activities whenever possible. Membership into the National FFA Organization is designed into this course and participation is strongly encouraged as FFA is an intra-curricular part of instruction and many class assignments and projects will coincide with FFA activities.  All students enrolled in the course will be introduced to the Supervised Agricultural Experience program (SAE).