Mrs. Kramer

Mrs. Kramer

Mrs. Kramer teaches 12 AP Literature and Composition and English 11.  

All classes: bring basic school supplies every day (notebook, paper, pen, pencil, highlighters)

Period 1 - 12 AP Lit. & Comp.
Period 2 - 12 AP Lit. & Comp.
Period 3 - Plan
Period 4 - English 11
Period 5 English 11
Period 6 - Plan (Study Hall last 6 weeks)
Period 7 - English 11

Teaching experience:
 I began teaching at Arvada West in 1996, and I taught for 7 years before leaving to stay at home with my children.  I returned to Arvada West in the spring of 2009 where I worked part-time in the Writing Center and facilitated credit recovery courses for the English Department. In the fall of 2015, the timing was right, and I returned to the classroom full time. 

Education/Degrees Earned:

BA - English, Creative Writing   -  Metropolitan State University of Denver
Minor - Business

MA - Educational Technology    -  Lesley University
v.m.: 303-982-1349


English 11
If you are absent or need a reminder of what we did during class, click the link for the 
daily slides.
Daily Slides Spring 2018 

Bring an independent reading book every day.
Read outside of class.
Bring a notebook to class.
Write something every day.

12 Advanced Placement Literature and Composition

Link to the daily slides: New link coming in August 2018.

Bring a notebook to class everyday to capture notes, write responses, add literary terms, and add tone words.

Our focus is to explain and provide evidence of HOW literary and poetic devices function within a work.