3D Printing

3D Printing

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3-D Printing at Arvada West!


Bringing your Ideas to life!

3D Printing Club

Learn 3D Design and WIN free 3D printing time and Materials

3D Printing Club

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3D Printing Basics PDF

Astronomy Class 3-D Prints

Rocket Parts

Water Rocket

3-D Printed Nose Cones - Astronomy Water Rockets! 

3D Printing Articles:

ALA Article - Toward a More Printed Union

Easton LaChappelle-Prosthetic Hand Article

Free 3D Pritnable Models:

3d Printing Samples


Start Creating NOW!

Free 3D Software: 

3D Printing software

Free Apps:

3D Printing Apps

Thank you to Justin R. for the 3-D printer demos! 

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Make-a-Scarf Activity

AWest Students participate in Make-a-Scarf activity
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Hour of Code

AWest Students participate in Hour of Code 

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