Shawn Collins- Activities Director

Students spend up to 8 hours a day in classrooms that foster the importance of math, reading, American Government and writing as well as social skills. As students look outside of the classroom for learning opportunities, the use of extra-curricular clubs and activities will help to foster more successful students.  Students who participate in extra-curricular activities are more likely to graduate and succeed in high school.

According to Dr. Randy Brown of University of Nevada, Extracurricular Activity: How does participation encourage positive youth development?    has found that students participating in extracurricular activities are more likely to:
Achieve Better Grades
Higher Standardized Test Scores
Higher Educational Attainment
Attend School
Higher Self Concepts

At A-West we are a fully inclusive school and all students should have a place to express their passions and grow outside of the school day.  Encourage your students to participate in the many activities and clubs that we offer. Visit the Activities Page for a list of options.  If you do not see a club/activity that fits your needs let us know and we will look into how we can support your student.