Mr. Baek

Mr. Baek

V-Mail: 303-982-1312

Students will be using google classroom this year 
Class Codes
- 1st period Biology: q898nt
- 2nd Biology: h8wh4y
- 5th Marine Bio: log6vqf
- 6th Marine Bio: 2ef7ck
- 7th Marine Bio: yi2j23d

Daily Agendas
Use the daily agenda links on the left to see what we did in class. Almost everything we did in class is accessible to view from the links.

Little about me...

This is my 15th year teaching high school science and my 5th at Arvada West! 
I will be teaching Biology and Marine Biology this year at AWest.

I grew up in Minnesota (Go vikings!) and moved to Colorado after college to play in the mountains. When I am not nurturing young minds, I like to stay active by rock/ice climbing, skiing, mountain biking (and crashing!) and believe it or not surfing (I know, we are a LOOOOOOOONG ways from the ocean!). I wrestled in college and have coached at the HS level in the past. I am a certified scuba diver and an aquarist.


Office Hours    
M/T/F 7:15 - 7:55am in room #125

 Period 1

 #125 Biology

 Period 2

 #126 Biology

 Advisement / Connections

  Period 3

 Plan - science office 

  Period 4

 Plan - science office 
  Period 5 

 #125 Marine Biology
  Period 6

 #125 Marine Biology

  Period 7

 #125 Marine Biology