ESL Study Skills

SYLLABUS: ESL Study Skills


Teacher:  Mr. Richard Clifford

ESL (English as a Second Language) and ESL English Teacher

Arvada West High School, Room N-218

Email:                              Phone: 303-982-5497


I look forward to having you in my class this year, and I hope you will learn a lot from this class and feel good about your progress with completing projects and daily work in all of your classes. This syllabus is to help you understand what is expected of you during the class and to inform you about what we will be studying this year.


Classroom Procedures and Policies

There are three rules in our classroom:  Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity.


  1. Respect:  The expectation is that you demonstrate respect to yourself, your fellow students, your teacher, and the classroom itself. 


  1. Responsibility:  This rule applies to what you are responsible for.  You are responsible for showing up to class on time and prepared.  By prepared, I mean that you have the materials you need for the class and you have your homework.


  1. Integrity:  This means that you are not only truthful with yourself, but with your fellow students and your teacher.  If you make a mistake, you are expected to own that mistake and tell the truth.  If all of us behave with integrity in all of our interactions, all of us can be successful. 

Course Description

This course is designed for students who need more structured instruction on how to avoid falling behind in class, not turning in assignments, and doing poorly on quizzes and tests. Students will attend four class periods each week with one session being a block period.    In this class, we will focus primarily on the skills needed to be a successful student: notetaking, completing assignments, studying for quizzes and tests, and asking for help from teachers in timely and appropriate ways.  Students will have a chance to get support from me with content area homework during many class periods and during Advisement rotations on Thursdays.

Students will do independent and assigned reading during ESL Study Skills as well as homework from other subjects.  This extra time to complete assignments will help students get in the habit of completing work and getting the maximum number of points possible by turning work in on time.


You will need to bring the following materials to class every day (if you do not come prepared, daily points will be subtracted from your grade).

ESL Study Skills

  • a composition notebook (provided by the teacher) that you take home on independent reading night and bring to class every day
  • the choice book you are reading in class once all homework is completed
  • a pen or pencil
  • your Chromebook (charged)




I use the following grading scale to calculate grades.

A = 90 - 100%         Student shows advanced understanding of the subject matter.

B = 80 - 89%           Student is proficient to advanced in their understanding of the subject matter.

C = 70 - 79%           Student is sometimes proficient in their understanding of the subject matter.

D = 60 - 69%           Student is partially proficient in their understanding of the subject matter.

F = 59%                 Student shows an unsatisfactory understanding of the subject matter.


Using class time appropriately (4 day/week x 10pts = 40 pts/week)

40 points per week

In-class assignments – ( 4 days/week + 2 entries done as homework) = 6 entries

60 points per week


Final Note:  Please come to class on time.  After the fourth tardy  I will call home to make a plan with your parent/guardian on how to get you to come to class on time.  If you do not have the materials you need, it will have a negative impact on your learning.

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I would like you and your parents to read this syllabus carefully and sign below.  Return the signed syllabus to me by next Friday, August 24, 2018 for 10 daily work points. ​No syllabus turned in equals zero points for this assignment.

I have read the course description and student contract and I agree to follow class rules and complete assignments.

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