10 Honors Syllabus


Analyzing Conflicting Character Motivations (2019-2020)

17 - 21 Days

RESOURCE: Determining Importance in Texts UNIT PLAN

Citing Textual Evidence

Narrative: Social Commentary, "This I Believe", and/or Dystopian (2019-2020)

17 - 21 Days

Evaluating Allusions and Other Comparative Techniques to Uncover Nuanced Perspectives (2019-2020)

17 - 21 Days

Argumentative: Op-Ed and/or Single-Person Debate (2019-2020)

17 - 21 Days

Summer reading -- review PEAL & summary vs. analysis; connection to real world

Antigone -- seeing AP prompt, supporting evidence for prompt, & tragic hero (PPT) (3 weeks)

Unmasking characters

Hamlet --argumentative writing & analysis; close reading strategies; different medium -- unmasking self

Debate -- focus argumentative: supporting evidence & speech

Fall Final = 11 AP assessment free response ex: “Is the cost of college worth it?”  using 7 sources develop intro : thesis & intro paragraph


Tracking Structures: Analyzing Parallel Stories and Threads (2019-2020)

19 - 23 Days

Informational: Feature Article and/or Investigative Report (2019-2020)

19 - 23 Days

Reading for Problem-Based Inquiry and Research Design (2019-2020)

18 - 22 Days

Arguments of Problem-Based Inquiry and Research Design (2019-2020)

19 - 23 Days

Things They Carried -- mid to late Feb 

Professor for a Day 

First 2 weeks--background Vietnam

Fake draft

Diff between themes, symbol & motif; dialectical journals; AP prompt ( on demand) & reflective re-write

Investigate Report

PPTs from Journalism from Annie
Hack Heaven movie

Tie to chp 7 Things They Carried--How to tell a true war story

How do I know what to believe in the world?

Structure around LQTQ--Lead, quote, transition, quote

Interview piece


Frankenfolio focus 11AP prompt-- who’s responsible for your creation? 

Gothic motifs

Frame narrative

Info graphic

On demand essay & re-write

Flash fiction & short story (4 stories) --100 Word essay (2-3 weeks)

Develop narrative skills

Hone in on story arc & characterization

Perspectives: Intro to lenses unit

Spring Final

12 AP test question: What is the purpose of story-telling? Full essay

Given a quote to compare to any book / character we read already.


SR: summary v. analysis, thesis, connecting to nonfiction text with article & Socratic seminar

Color code PEAL paragraphs ?


Thurs: Restorative circle intro; Turn in  essay 1000 Splendid Suns; theme topic discussion using here’s what, so what, now what chart or theme topic discussion

Friday: IR expectations; vocab expectations, go over 1st lesson; vocab teams 3-4 (5 for me) Google Slides, quiz e/o, visual vocab--accountable for each other: no class time; due 1 week later

  1. POS

  2. Spelling

  3. Use in a sentence w/ context clue

  4. Visual 

  5. Citation

Monday: All the Light We Cannot See 5 peals, syllabus, begin reading,  & thesis statement notes (Allison has)

Tuesday: Spill day--finish notes, start looking at their work 

Vocab List: No redo’s & calendar

8/16 give first list --first spelling 8/23 & 30 full test & lesson 2

1 list of vocab for two weeks; first Friday, spelling & use in a sentence with context clue of 5, then 7. 2nd Friday all words TEST, graded in class

IR (SSR) Slides

Half points for being unprepared when bell rings

For excused absences only, come into Office Hours or Connections to make up points 


I can read and understand my choice novel, using context clues to make meaning.

I can read for the allotted time with fidelity.

I can make connections to other texts or the world from my choice reading

TYPE UP : Monday  IR 15, Block day 20, Pull the book when done with in-class work

Tuesdays Timed Writing

Block days are oral warm up questions for discussion.

Ideas: Read past student’s writing and justify score on AP rubric

Kelly Gallagher AOW

Prompts related to classwork

 Nonfiction articles we’ve read in the news & YOU CHOOSE THE APPROPRIATE RUBRIC

Fridays: test

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