AP Calculus AB                                                                                               

Mrs. Stewart

Course Outcome and Objectives

The overall goal of this course is to help students understand and apply the three big ideas of AB Calculus: limits, derivatives, and integrals as well as the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Embedded throughout the big ideas are the mathematical practices for AP Calculus: reasoning with definitions and theorems, connecting concepts, implementing algebraic/computational processes, connecting multiple representations, building notational fluency, and communicating mathematics orally and in well-written sentences.

Required Materials

It is important that students are prepared EVERYDAY by bringing the following to class:

  • Notebook and Folder or Binder I recommend a multi subject spiral or at least a 2 inch binder. Engineering or graph paper will be helpful but not required.
  • Calculator-Students are required to have a graphing calculator, TI-83 or newer.  (Please avoid Casio brand graphing calculators.)
  • Books Students should purchase the following.
    • Calculus of a Single Variable, 9th Edition by Larson, Ron and Bruce H. Edwards

Classroom Structure

Students are expected to:

  • Use electronics responsibly and for educational purposes only as directed by the teacher
  • Bring only water into the classroom and save all other food or drink for the commons. 
  • Turn in all assignments to in-box on the due date.  You may not be reminded; it is your responsibility to know when things are due and get them turned-in.
  • Respectfully participate in all parts of the class and be sure that your actions do not interfere with anyone’s education.

Methods of Instruction

Student Centered Classroom

There will be a considerable amount of group work in this class.  It is important that you are comfortable interacting with all other students in the classroom in an academically appropriate and respectful manner.  The teacher will provide structure for students to work together and apply the Math Practices of AP Calculus including refining communication about math content.

Homework Expectation

Student success in this class and on the AP exam hinges on the amount of time they are willing to put into working on the material outside of class.  There is an expectation that students will complete assigned problems when they are due, self-check the answers when possible in order to keep track of what they have mastered and what questions they have, and be proactive to extend their learning.  Independent learning extensions can be using flash cards for theorems, Khan academy Calculus lessons, Schoology, test prep practice books or websites, etc. 

Grading Procedures

Final term grades will be a combination of tests, projects, quizzes, and classwork/homework. 

A= 90%-100%
B= 80%-89%

75%: Assessments

15%: Homework/Classwork
10%: Final

Missing assignments due to absences will receive full credit when completed following the return to school in accordance with school policy. Other missing work turned in late will receive partial credit.


Office hours will be Monday, Tuesday and Friday morning 7:15-7:55. There will be a schedule posted for any updates to office hour schedule.


Connections will allow students three opportunities to travel to teachers for academic support.  A schedule will be posted with times and rooms for content specific workshops based on student needs as well as general content questions like homework help. 


If you find yourself in a situation where you would like to improve your grade, my suggestions are to follow this action plan:

  1. Stay on top of current and future assignments. Getting full points on assignments and being successful on upcoming graded work will improve your grade. Don’t sacrifice current learning by only focusing on past work.
  2. Get any missing assignments turned in. All assignments are uploaded or documented on the website and it is your responsibility to access them.
  3. Retake quizzes. I replace quiz grades when you retake them so you should aim for 100% average on quizzes.  These can be taken during office hours, on an off-block, or after school by appointment. 
  4. When all of these things have been done and you still want to improve your grade, make an appointment for an individualized success plan.


I will be available in room N125 during office hours, Connections, and afterschool by appointment.

Parent Communication

Parents are invited and encouraged to call or email at any time to discuss their child’s progress or voice any concerns they are having. Personal conferences may also be arranged.

Thank you,

Regina Stewart