Honors Geometry Syllabus

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2018-2019 Semester 1

Mrs. Stewart

 Course Outcome and Objectives

Geometry is a two-semester course designed to challenge the students’ thinking and communication skills by connecting algebra and geometry concepts. Some of the key topics covered are:  structures and language of Geometry, congruence, quadrilaterals, coordinate geometry, similarity, right triangle trigonometry, circles, probability and statistics.

 Required Materials

It is important that students are prepared EVERYDAY by bringing the following to class:

  • Sharpened pencils
  • Notebook and Folder or Binder
  • Calculator-It is highly recommended that students have a graphing calculator, TI-83 or newer.  (Please avoid Casio brand graphing calculators.)  At least a scientific calculator is required.
  • Geometry tools- Protractor and Ruler
  • Awest issued Chromebook, charged


 Grade breakdown:

  70%: Learning Target Assessment

30%: Participation, Practice and Perseverance

100% Final Grade

Letter grade equivalence:

A= 90%-100%

B= 80%-89%




Learning targets will be assessed in class periodically and scored on a 10-point scale corresponding to their level of proficiency. Each learning target will have three assessment opportunities in class and the two highest will be averaged in campus. Students will track their mastery of these targets and should aim to demonstrate proficiency or higher for at least two assessment opportunities. If students continue growth on a learning target, they can improve their grade with another assessment attempt during office hours. Participation, Practice and Perseverance will include classwork, homework, and other assignments with a focus on the Eight Mathematical Practices.
10 pt
practice standards

Classroom Structure

Students are expected to:

  • Use electronics responsibly and for educational purposes only as directed by the teacher.
  • Bring only water into the classroom and save all other food or drink for the commons. 
  • Turn in all assignments to in-box or online by the due date. 
  • Respectfully participate in all parts of the class and be sure that your actions do not interfere with anyone’s education.

 Student-Centered Classroom

There will be a considerable amount of group work in this class. It is important that students are comfortable interacting with all other students in the classroom in an academically appropriate and respectful manner. The teacher will provide structure for students to discover and construct their own meaning of math concepts and guide students with purposeful and thoughtful questioning and support.  


Office hours will be Monday, Tuesday, and Friday morning 7:15-7:55.


Connections will allow students three opportunities to travel to teachers for academic support. A schedule will be posted with times and rooms for content specific workshops based on student needs as well as general content questions like homework help. 


Mrs. Stewart is available in room N125 for office hours, Connections and afterschool by appointment.

Parent Communication

Parents are invited and encouraged to call or email at any time to discuss their child’s progress or voice any concerns they are having. Personal conferences may also be arranged.

Thank you,

   Regina Stewart                                                                          


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