APHuG Units of Study

Unit 1

Geography: Its Nature and Perspectives

Enduring Understanding A: Geography, as a field of inquiry, looks at the world from a spatial perspective

Enduring Understanding B: Geography offers a set of concepts, skills, and tools that facilitate critical thinking and problem solving

Enduring Understanding C: Geographical skills provide a foundation for analyzing world patterns and processes

Enduring Understanding D: Geospatial technologies increase the capability for gathering and analyzing geographic information with applications to everyday life

Enduring Understanding E: Field experiences continue to be important means of gathering geographic information and data

Unit 2

Population and Migration

Enduring Understanding A: Knowledge of the geographic patterns and characteristics of human populations facilitates understanding of cultural, political, economic, and urban systems

Enduring Understanding B: Populations grow and decline over time and space

Enduring Understanding C: Causes and consequences of migration are influenced by cultural, demographic, economic, environmental, and political factors

Unit 3

Cultural Patterns and Processes

Enduring Understanding A: Concepts of culture frame the shared behaviors of a society

Enduring Understanding B: Culture varies by place and by region

Unit 4

Political Organization of Space

Enduring Understanding A: The contemporary political map has been shaped by events of the past

Enduring Understanding B: Spatial political patterns reflect ideas of territoriality and power at a variety of scales  

Enduring Understanding C: The forces of globalization challenge contemporary political-territorial arrangements

Unit 5

Agriculture, Food Production, and Rural Land Use

Enduring Understanding A: The development of agriculture led to widespread alteration of the natural environment  

Enduring Understanding B: major agricultural regions reflect physical geography and economic forces  

Enduring Understanding C: Settlement patterns and rural land use are reflected in the cultural landscape

Enduring Understanding D: Changes in food production and consumption present challenges and opportunities

Unit 6

Industrialization and Economic Development

Enduring Understanding A: The Industrial Revolution, as it diffused from its hearth, facilitated improvements in standards of living

Enduring Understanding B: Measures of development are used to understand patterns of social and economic differences at a variety of scales

Enduring Understanding C: Development is a process that varies across space and time

Enduring Understanding D: Sustainable development is a strategy to address resource depletion and environmental degradation

Unit 7

Cities and Urban Land Use

Enduring Understanding A: the form, function, and size of urban settlements are constantly changing

Enduring Understanding B: Models help to understand the distribution and size of cities

Enduring Understanding C: Models of internal city structure and urban development provide a framework for urban analysis

Enduring Understanding D: Built landscapes and social space reflect the attitudes and values of a population  

Enduring Understanding E: Urban areas face economic, social, political, cultural, and environmental changes