3D Printing

3D Printing

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3-D Printing at Arvada West!


Bringing your Ideas to life!

3D Printing Club

Learn 3D Design and WIN free 3D printing time and Materials

3D Printing Club

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3D Printing Basics PDF

3D Printing Articles:

Print Quality Trouble Shooting Guide
Learn why 3D printing is useful everywhere

Running Happy

ALA Article - Toward a More Printed Union

Easton LaChappelle-Prosthetic Hand Article


Free 3D Pritnable Models:

NASA Printables
3D Warehouse
123D instructables

3d Printing Samples


Start Creating NOW!

Free 3D Software: 

Tinkercad (Browser Based)
Google SketchUp (Download)
SketchUp STL Extension
FreeCAD (Download)
OpenSCAD (Download)
Blender (Download)
Autodesk 123D Design (Download)
Cura (Download)

3D Printing software

Free Apps:

Tinkercad (Apple, Android, Windows)
Tinkerplay (online, account required)
Autodesk 123D Design (Apple)
Autodesk 123D Catch (Apple, Android, Windows)
Autodesk 123D Make  (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone)

3D Printing Apps

AWest Astronomy Class 3-D Prints

Rocket Parts

Water Rocket

3-D Printed Nose Cones - Astronomy Water Rockets! 

Thank you to Justin R. for the 3-D printer demos! 

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