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Email Voicemail Department
Abarro, Ben [email protected] 303-982-1297 English 
Alper, Nicole [email protected] 303-982-1257 Prevention Counselor
Balding, Eryn [email protected]
303-982-1383 Science
Bankoff, Heidi [email protected] 303-982-3609 Science
Barkhuff, Joann [email protected] 303-982-6497  Community Resource Liaison
Bashford, Stephanie [email protected] 303-982-1375 Math
Betters, Scarlett [email protected] 303-982-1378 Social Studies
Biddle, McKenna [email protected] 303-982-1381 Special Education
Blair, Robby [email protected] 303-982-1293 Math 
Bluhm, Clifton [email protected] 303-982-1374 Science
Bonfoey, Michele [email protected] 303-982-8379 World Language
Boots, Annamae [email protected] 303-982-1298 Counselor
Brettell, Karen  [email protected] 303-982-3190 World Language
Brunk, Amber [email protected] 303-982-1275 Registrar
Campe, Alli [email protected] 303-982-1353 Math
Chapman, Lindsey [email protected] 303-982-1355 Health Aide
Coffing, Natalie
[email protected] 303-982-1285 Scheduling Secretary
Compton, Susan [email protected] 303-982-1324 Math
Cook, Jeff [email protected] 303-982-1384 Math
Crosby, Leslie [email protected] 303-982-2202 Financial Secretary
Dallman, Kerrie [email protected]  303-982-1311 Social Studies
Dalton, Courtney [email protected] 303-982-3634 Art
Dalton, Kevin [email protected] 303-982-1264 Art
De Groot, Kristi [email protected] 303-982-1280 Attendance
Delaney, Cassidy [email protected] 303-982-4674 Counselor
Dimond, Sarah [email protected] 303-982-7127 Counselor
DiPasquale, Dominick [email protected] 303-982-4782 Technical Education
Downing, Jana [email protected] 303-982-1303 Special Education
Dryer, Angie [email protected] 303-982-5949 English
Dugan, Emily [email protected] 303-982-8995 Social Worker
Ellis, Alex [email protected] 303-982-5931 Math
English, Chuck [email protected] 303-982-1302 Science
Eudaly, Stephanie [email protected]  303-982-7804 English
Evans, Lexie [email protected] 303-982-1376 Social Worker
Fierstos, Anthony [email protected]
303-982-0718 World Language 
Fisher, Christy [email protected] 303-982-5064 English/Yearbook
Gallup,  John [email protected] 303-982-1316 Social Studies
Garcia, Paul [email protected] 303-982-3304  Dean of Students
Garlow, Anne [email protected] 303-982-1278 World Language
Geller, Ben
[email protected]s 303-982-0455 Special Education
Granfield, Kelly [email protected]  303-982-9716  Asst. Principal
Gray, Jessa [email protected] 303-982-5333 Special Education
Gregorie, Tina [email protected]
303-982-1996 Social Studies
Grose, Clark [email protected] 303-982-1321 Science
Hadzic, Mensur [email protected] 303-982-1263 Facility Manager
Harr, Abby [email protected]
303-982-0776 Math
Harris, Morgan [email protected] 303-982-1303  Restorative Practice Liaison 
Hatch, Marion [email protected] 303-982-1303 Special Education
Hawk, Casey [email protected] 303-982-1252 English
Hayes, Lori [email protected]  303-982-1380 PE
Heller, Lauren [email protected] 303-982-4084 Special Education 
Hertel, Scott [email protected] 303-982-6712 Science 
Heydari, Bijan [email protected] 303-982-5580 Restorative Practice Specialist
Hirschauer, Anna [email protected] 303-982-1341 FACS
Hollis, Lauren [email protected] 303-982-1512 District Nurse
Jenssen, Juliana [email protected]  303-982-1328 Math 
Johnston, Lynette [email protected]
303-982-4928 Science
Kansteiner, Matt [email protected] 303-982-1343 Science
Kelver, Mandy [email protected] 303-982-1388 Social Studies
Kneisl,  Dena [email protected] 303-982-1594 Counselor
Komitor, Joanna [email protected] 303-982-1317 Social Studies
Kosloski, Mary [email protected] 303-982-6821 Science 
Kramer, Karen [email protected] 303-982-1349 English
Kunter, Breanna [email protected] 303-982-3857 Math
Lanaghan, Robert [email protected] 303-982-1329 Math
Larrenaga, Michael [email protected] 303-982-3938 Math
Lepke, Nicole [email protected] 303-982-1476 Math
Lewis, Emily [email protected] 303-982-1327 World Language
Lindblom, Leah [email protected] 303-982-1314 Technology Coordinator
Lord, Michael [email protected] 303-982-4704 Math
Luna, Paul [email protected] 303-982-2002 Social Studies
Madsen, Chris [email protected] 303-982-1362 Science
Martin, Jack [email protected] 303-982-1373 English
Martin, Mollie  [email protected] 303-982-0357 Special Education
Mays, Terry [email protected]  303-982-1303  Special Education 
McCain, Allison [email protected] 303-982-1395 English
McJunkin, Tara

[email protected] 303-982-3422 Asst. Principal
McLaughlin, Terri [email protected] 303-982-0692 Special Education
Mendt, Erin 303-982-1487 Social Studies
Milano, Anthony [email protected] 303-982-0414 Business
Millikan, Brenna [email protected] 303-982-1308 Athletics 
Mizenko, Kim [email protected] 303-982-6121 Math
Morris, Grace [email protected] 303-982-4454 504 Coordinator
Mulvaney, Brad [email protected] 303-982-1541 Dean of Students
Mulvaney, Bree [email protected] 303-982-1488 Library
Norwood, Ellie [email protected] 303-982-0549 English/Newspaper
Overall, Lisa               [email protected]                           303-982-1177         Science
Parriott, Jeff [email protected] 303-982-1944 Social Studies
Pearson, Heather [email protected] 303-982-1930 World Language
Pospisil, Debbie [email protected] 303-982-0550 Physical Education
Peterson, Joshua [email protected] 303-982-7836 Social Studies
Petrone, Matthew [email protected] 303-982-3999 Social Studies
Porter, Micah [email protected] 303-982-8053 Principal
Ramirez, Neil [email protected] 303-982-1392 Social Studies 
Raney, Sue [email protected] 303-982-1386 Principal's Secretary
Redford, Barb  [email protected] 303-982-0516 FACS
Regan, Todd [email protected] 303-982-1303  Campus Supervisor 
Rodgers, Taylor [email protected] 303-982-5496 Vocal Music 
Salgado, Claudia [email protected] 303-982-0715 English
Schaefer, Natalie [email protected] 303-982-9775 Social Studies 
Schrader,Candacie  [email protected] 303-982-6604   Art
Sena, Michael [email protected] 303-982-0007 Counselor
Serrano, Elsa [email protected] 303-982-6094 Math
Shaft, Loren [email protected] 303-982-1599 English
Sisneros, Shana [email protected]  303-982-1363 Community Liaison
Smith, Craig [email protected] 303-982-1991 School Resource Officer 
Sorzano, Anna  [email protected]
303-982-1708 FACS
Stanton, Alyssa [email protected] 303-982-1361 Counselor
Stewart, Regina [email protected] 303-982-1267 Engineering
Studenny, Matt [email protected] 303-982-7673 Science
Sullivan, Mary  [email protected]  303-982-5516  Special Education
Swetlic, K.C. [email protected] 303-982-1347 English
Tanguma, Jeremy [email protected] 303-982-1284 English
Taunton, Leslie [email protected] 303-982-1288 Kitchen Manager
Taylor, Anne [email protected] 303-982-1337 World Language
Thompson, Deb [email protected]
303-982-1677 Science
Thomson, Jamie [email protected] 303-982-1323 Physical Education
Thorne, Jana [email protected] 303-982-1303 Main Office/Reception 
Vais, Danny [email protected]
303-982-4245 Physical Education
van Wijngaarden, Joe [email protected] 303-982-1410 Social Studies 
Vanlandingham, Jesse [email protected] 303-982-2050 Music
Villanueva, Michael  [email protected]
303-982-1389 Social Studies
Volk, Gordon

[email protected]  303-982-5870  Asst. Principal
Athletic Director
Watkins, Dan [email protected]  303-982-7775 Technology Coordinator
Welsh, Lindsey [email protected] 303-982-1301 Performing Arts
Wheatlake, Patrick [email protected] 303-982-4511 Asst.Principal
Wiarda, Laura [email protected]  303-982-3955 Instrumental Music
Widstrom,Lindsey  [email protected] 303-982-0565 English
Williams, Kimberly 
[email protected]  303-982-1445 Special Education
Wimberley, Emmaline [email protected] 303-982-0427 ESL
Winneker, Jennifer [email protected]  303-982-1344 Science 
Zink, Brook                [email protected]                         303-982-1303          Library

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