Horticulture/Urban Agriculture

Introduction to Horticulture exposes students to the art and science of growing plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. In doing so, they cover a wide variety of topics, including greenhouse and nursery operations, soils and media mixtures, fruit and vegetable production, turf/golf course management, interior and exterior plantscaping, irrigation systems, weed and pest control, and floral design. Urban Agriculture provides an overview of research & practices in urban farming. Critically reviews emergent models of local food production/distribution. Compares new practices to traditional agribusiness. Assesses the prospects for solving sustainability problems within the modern agro-food system. Will include guest speakers with related “hands-on” activities.  The course will also highlight developing communication skills, business principles, and leadership skills in urban agriculture. Classroom instruction will be reinforced by performance based hands-on labs/activities whenever possible.This class allows students to apply classroom knowledge and skills in real life situations through a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE). Students in this class will also become members of the National FFA Organization(Future Farmers of America). FFA provides students with a path to achievement in premier leadership, personal growth and career success.  Students may be required to attend activities and events which may be outside of the regular school day.